Editor’s Note

We see you.

ThePLUG began out of my experience as a twenty-something Black woman navigating my career in technology and journalism with an air of caution. I was both innovator and imposter, required to tuck in my authenticity to live underneath mainstream narratives that cited only one voice (largely white, largely male) as leading the world forward.

It didn’t matter that I’d landed coding internships at Microsoft in my early teens, or that my cousins ascended from HBCUs as talented software engineers, or that the Black startup founders I interviewed across the country were building deep technology with fewer resources yet they rarely graced the covers of elite technology publications.

Nearly three years later, ThePLUG has not deviated from our mission to deliver thoughtful, insightful, and intentional stories on the Black technology ecosystem with journalistic rigor.

Last year, we partnered with Vice Media’s Motherboard channel to produce data stories that had never been explored before, like the one we did on the rise of Black-Owned Co-working spaces or how Black tech conferences are advancing visibility. I’ve personally given presentations and spoken extensively at conferences like CES and Philadelphia’s Project North Star conference on the importance of high-quality reporting on Black innovation.

You are valued here and we promise to keep asking the hard questions to create Black tech journalism that matters.

You’re more than a data point on a D&I report.

We read your tweets, LinkedIn posts, and the conversations you’re having within Facebook groups. We see you elevating as practitioners while moving through the world drastically different from those with access and privilege.

We’re going to tell more than just stories, we’re going to humanize the damning reports on diversity and inclusion in tech to foster change within the culture of the industry, one investigative narrative at a time.

Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for supporting this work.

In hustle,

Sherrell Dorsey
Founder and Editor-In-Chief

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