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Who We Are

The Plug humanizes Black people’s engagement in technology related markets and industries one investigative narrative at a time. Our work moves beyond popular deficit narratives to show the substantive ways that Black people are affected by and engaged with the innovation economy, including analyses of modern technologies, how and by whom they are developed, and the structures and cultures of related ecosystems.

Launched in 2016 as the first daily tech newsletter, The Plug curated the top news of Black founders and innovators. Today, we investigate and report on Black tech trends, stories, and breaking news, and we do it with the rigor and analysis you won’t find elsewhere.

What We Believe

We believe in the power of data and diversity to bring the startup and tech community full-scale. We believe in quality journalism and reporting to bring underserved and under-covered entrepreneurs and their companies to the forefront of tech’s evolution. Every weekday we help our readers connect to important tech stories that cover ground beyond the usual cast of characters. We open our coverage and analysis in and beyond Silicon Valley to track the hustlers making moves across the world. Our newsletter seeks to set a standard for the expansion and depth of diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship, startup environments, and technological progress.


Contextualizing the
Black innovation economy.

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