Real Policy Outcomes for a Renewed Interest in Workplace Diversity

It’s projected that people of color will become the majority of the U.S. population between 2040 and 2050. As we talk about positioning them for the Future of Work, we must first look critically at the present state of affairs.  Black unemployment has remained twice as high as white unemployment ever since the Bureau of …

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Smart reporting on the Black innovation economy.

The Plug Welcomes Our Inaugural Data Fellows

This week we welcomed The Plug’s first cohort of data journalisms fellows committed ...

Weathering COVID-19’s Impact on Their Operations, Black Women Tech Ecosystem Leaders Adapt and Adjust

Tammy Buckner had been running WeCodeKC for less than six months when the ...


How Kiva Boosts Black Entrepreneurs, One Loan At a Time

The nonprofit crowdfunding platform has high rates of African American borrowers in the East and Midwest, including Baltimore, New York City, and Detroit.

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Can New Patent Policies Reduce Barriers for Black Innovators?

What we know about the number of Black inventors in the US patent system hasn’t been formally documented since 1913. This month, the US House of Representatives Small Business Committee held a hearing in Washington, D.C. calling on researchers and business leaders to testify in support of legislative options that would increase access for diverse populations to participate in the patent process.

Possip Places EdTech Value on Feedback Parents Give to Schools and Districts

As education technology expands in the classroom aimed to reduce the chasm between students who need additional instruction, and teachers who have too many pupils to warrant individual support, edtech to foster deeper relationships between parents and schools is on the rise. New tools now offer the ability for educators and administrators to directly connect with parents about everything from classroom grades and upcoming holidays to school emergencies and parent-teacher conferences.

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