Black Tech Mobilizes to Beat the Youth ‘Summer Slide’

The achievement gap for historically disadvantaged student groups, on top of a pandemic, puts Black youth especially at risk this summer. As remote learning continues, STEM-related nonprofits The Hidden Genius Project and INTech Camp for Girls are making sure that their scholars do not face an opportunity to slip.  The Brookings Institute reports that during …

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Apple’s 2020 Vision for Racial Justice

Over 9.5 million viewers tuned in over the past week eagerly awaiting the release of iOS 14 during the annual World Wide Developer Conference. With backdrops of protestors marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, Cook spoke to the ways in which Apple is investing in solutions to tackle long-standing institutional inequalities and social injustices externally and internally.

Weathering COVID-19’s Impact on Their Operations, Black Women Tech Ecosystem Leaders Adapt and Adjust

Even prior to the current global pandemic — which has disproportionately affected minority communities — educational, networking, and funding opportunities in tech were limited for marginalized communities. Now, Black women leading tech ecosystems are working to ensure that the resources and networks they’ve worked to build don’t disappear. 

CapWay Delays Debit Card Launch to Late Summer, Braces for Increased Post-Pandemic Needs for the Unbanked

With unemployment stretching across the country and affecting jobs in every sector, Allen and her team at CapWay have been quietly building a digital literacy and banking solution befitting the era of digital-first payments and transactions for the 55 million Americans, 20 percent of whom are Black minorities, left out of traditional banking systems.

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