Black Coworking Space Operators Brace for Empty Desks, Event Revenue Decline as Virus Shutdowns Expand

With millions of Americans jumping onto video calls for the first time as working from home becomes the new normal during the novel corona pandemic, coworking space operators are feeling the heat. Black operators, who run a collective total of over 70 coworking spaces nationwide, are still determining what the future holds as the growing pandemic has no end in sight. 

Possip Places EdTech Value on Feedback Parents Give to Schools and Districts

As education technology expands in the classroom aimed to reduce the chasm between students who need additional instruction, and teachers who have too many pupils to warrant individual support, edtech to foster deeper relationships between parents and schools is on the rise. New tools now offer the ability for educators and administrators to directly connect with parents about everything from classroom grades and upcoming holidays to school emergencies and parent-teacher conferences.

NewME Bootcamp Lands $1.2 Million to Train 100 Black Founders in 2020

Nearly three years later, after an uphill climb to configuring a program that would effectively build up venture-backable companies and teams from underrepresented groups, the Hillman Accelerator, and its subsequent NewME Bootcamp, picked up a confirmed $1.2 million for its 2020 programming—a near triple increase in funding since Hillman first opened its doors for business. 

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