CapWay Delays Debit Card Launch to Late Summer, Braces for Increased Post-Pandemic Needs for the Unbanked

With unemployment stretching across the country and affecting jobs in every sector, Allen and her team at CapWay have been quietly building a digital literacy and banking solution befitting the era of digital-first payments and transactions for the 55 million Americans, 20 percent of whom are Black minorities, left out of traditional banking systems.

Black Founders Remain Optimistic About Survival Despite Running Out of Money (SURVEY)

We surveyed a segment of The Plug PRO subscribers who self-identify as Black founders running companies in industry areas ranging from data analytics services to esports to virtual reality. Our goal was to collect sentiments on how they’re being impacted by the current climate and whether they feel their business will survive over the next 90 days. 

Black Coworking Space Operators Brace for Empty Desks, Event Revenue Decline as Virus Shutdowns Expand

With millions of Americans jumping onto video calls for the first time as working from home becomes the new normal during the novel corona pandemic, coworking space operators are feeling the heat. Black operators, who run a collective total of over 70 coworking spaces nationwide, are still determining what the future holds as the growing pandemic has no end in sight. 

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