WeatherCheck, BlocPower, bLENDOOR, and other Black Tech Startups Ramp Up Hiring Across Sales, Engineering, and IT Roles

Jobs in the U.S. appear to be diminishing by the second. Over 30 million people across the country have filed for unemployment since the novel coronavirus triggered an economic and public health collapse. 

For those with the training, and those able to make the transition, big tech and startups are still hiring. Whether the roles are full-time, contract, or internships and fellowships for those completing or in the middle of their university studies, hope is not lost on landing a foot in the door at big and small tech companies even in a volatile job market. 

Black tech companies are also in the market for talent. We asked founders to tell us what roles they are hiring for. See our current list below. 

Seam Social Labs, a research company focused on research, data, and technology to drive socio-economic solutions in low wealth communities is opening a fellowship program for promising college students.

“We will be hiring for AI fellowship roles, user research, and backend engineering part-time and internship roles,” explains founder, Tiasia O’Brien. “While we are based in New York City, a lot of our work is in California and New Jersey but we are a virtual team.” 

With most cities still on lockdown, working remotely will be the new normal. So candidates will need to be prepared for virtual interviews and training. 

“We are in the process of establishing a Registered Apprenticeship Program for Cybersecurity. The starting salary will be $20/hour with opportunity for promotion and certification,” says Kevin Robinson, Chief Technology Officer of RTriad Enterprises, a cloud computing firm based in Greensboro, North Carolina. “ RTriad is pre-enrolling apprentices to position themselves for success once the program is launched. 

Latesha Byrd, executive coach and career consultant said that her clients are still moving forward with interviews at top companies like Netflix, Google, and Amazon, as well as smaller startups. 

“Since we’re in a pandemic, I have witnessed how companies offer jobs to candidates and push their start date back with no anticipated timeline. It’s important to ask pertinent questions on when they are expecting to fill the role, expected hiring and onboarding timeline as well as expected start date,” Byrd advises.  

Are you a Black tech founder or recruit for a firm and you’re looking for talent? Tell us what roles you’re looking to hire for when you complete this survey

Sherrell Dorsey

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