Twitter Adds Therapist Rwenshaun Miller to its Global Employee Wellness Team

Public therapist and mental health influencer Rwenshaun Miller was recently hired by social media platform Twitter to help expand the company’s wellness initiatives. Today kicks off Miller’s first week as a senior benefits analyst under the purview of Dr. Candice Schaefer, global head of employee wellness, who tapped Miller for the role.

“I’ll be translating my knowledge of community into the corporate space and bring person-centered support to Twitter employees with the goal of helping them work effectively and efficiently and not hit the point of burnout,” Miller told The Plug.

Miller, who recently opened a 4,000 square-foot mental health and wellness center in his hometown of Bertie, North Carolina, has led projects at Google and other tech companies, but this will be his first time working in-house for a tech giant.

Among Miller’s public work, he provided 1,400 mental health sessions in 2020 and 3,000 free therapy sessions in 2021. Prior to landing at Twitter, Miller has been leading a team of nine therapists as co-founder of Good Stress which serves, 400 clients across North Carolina. His nonprofit, Eustress which organizes community conversations, therapeutic coloring events, and mental health walks, will continue to operate as the organization seeks out a  new executive director.

One area of focus for Miller’s work at Twitter will be on the company’s content management team—the group of employees who are often the frontlines of moderating and flagging disturbing, unsafe, or harmful content as they work toward making the Twitter timeline safer for its users.

The move comes as Miller is wrapping up a Ph.D. at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he is studying international psychology with a concentration on organizations and systems.

Sherrell Dorsey

She is the founder and CEO of The Plug—a distinctive, Black tech news and insights platform covering Black innovators in tech, venture capital, future of work policy, and more. Follow Sherrell on Twitter @Sherrell_Dorsey.